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Leash Your Computer

The web site is a collaborative effort between David Alexander Harvey (hereafter referred to as Henry Hertz Hobbit), Danny R Johnston, and Eric Phelps. Danny does most of the programming, Henry does most of the testing, and Eric does most of the web work. The arrangement seems to be working out.   At least it works out for Eric and Danny. Once a web site is running, there isn't  much work for Eric. Likewise, once a program is written, there isn't much work for Danny. However, the "bad guys" are always changing, so Henry's work of identifying  and testing never ends.

The original idea for blocking bad sites with a PAC file came from John Lo Verso's Bust Banner Ads with Proxy Auto Configuration web page and  Sheryl Canter's Kill Internet Ads with HOSTS and PAC Files article. Eric realized that a PAC file could (and should!) be extended to blocking pornography in his Block Porn with Proxy Auto Configuration Files web page. Henry and Danny used Eric's page as a starting point, but quickly took their project so far beyond Eric's work that they shamed Eric into pulling his work off the web and replacing it with their work. 

In short order, the host names,, and were registered to support the new products being generated. They are sister sites to this site which is WARNING! Yahoo is automatically adding a counter to our HTML pages on this site. All you need to do is to block,, and to keep the spies at bay at doesn't have anything tacked on to what goes out the door by There may be more in the future. We are sorry but it is out of our control. See? WE TOLD YOU THAT SPIES ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE! In this case we have them and we don't want them!